Variety Music   Bob Nolan (More recent picture coming) Welcome to Bob Nolan's Home Page An Introduction
               Capsule (Brief Description):
                 Bob Nolan does a live variety music act singing while playing
                 a computer enhanced keyboard.  If you've surfed here looking
                 for Marilyn Manson, you're SOL, but if you want a guy capable
                 of playing a variety of music ranging from Jazz Standards to
                 contemporary, this is who you want to hire.  Bob first soloed
                 in 1965 and has played in 48 states and 11 countries.
                 Bob's first solo shot was at the Carribean Hotel on Collins
                 Avenue in Miami Beach in 1965.  Having had the stuffing scared out
                 of him, he didn't do many solo gigs prior to 1974 when he started
                 his slow return to solo.  After leaving the US Navy Show Band in
                 1976 it was all he did.  From 1980 on, he alternately mixed between
                 his solo career and working as a band member in groups ranging from
                 duos to sextets.  In May 1995, Bob left California and moved to
                 Morning Sun, Iowa as part of a duo, Nolan & Tuttle ®.  Sadly, in
                 Oct. of 2003 that came to an abrupt end.  Since then Bob's musical
                 focus has returned to solo performing.
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                      Bob's 1977 LP, Just Another Album was converted to MP3 format
                 back in 2004 for all to enjoy.  It's no longer posted here but
                 clicking on the link will tell you about it and how to get it.
                   For comments, itinerary or bookings (under 100 miles, please!):
                   E-mail Bob at:
              To talk to a real live human being: 319-868-7814
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